Two Dances This Year

Not just one but two dances this year.

26 May 2017 – Dance the Night Away

The always popular curtain raiser to Vintage Day never fails to get everyone in the mood , and this year was no exception. What better way to get “in the mood” than evening of dance, fun and laughter. With specialist vintage DJ Big George, and the always fancy footwork of the Andersons. Plus our favourite and yours Miss Natasha Harper.

The dance floor was full, and a surprise act returned to the stage with Natasha.

We always have a special night, it is lovely to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. This year including visitors from as far as Australia and Germany.

Plus it wouldn’t be dance the night away without seeing “this year’s creation” from Lord Stu.



27 May 2017 –  A Night At The Cavern

For the first time, this year we also had A Night at the Cavern, with all the great music of the 60s and the classic Liverpool club.

Having wowed the crowds as the closing act at Vintage Day, the Beatles and Cilla brought the curtain down on the whole day with a fantastic gig on the evening

cavern current